Student Attendance

Our second goal is to decrease the number of K-3 students who are chronically absent. For many students, chronic absence- missing 10 percent or 18 days of school each year- is a reality. When chronic absences begin as young as pre-K and kindergarten, students are put on a path to fail to read on grade level by third grade and off track for graduating high school. In 16-17, the chronic absenteeism rate in Tupelo Public School District was 14.99% and Lee County was 16.96%. Both districts were above the state average, which was 14.2%


Strategies to meet this goal center on:

  • Developing a common vision with the community around school attendance.
  • Working with both school districts to increase the parents’ understanding between school attendance and reading achievement
  • Working with K-3 schools to develop incentive plans to decrease the percentage of chronic absences.


For the 2018-2019 school year, Joyner Elementary and Mooreville Elementary will pilot programs to provide incentives for increased attendance. Above, Becky Rollins presents checks to the principals.

Watch this video about the importance of school attendance:

Attendance Works: A Community Imperative from N.A.K. Production Associates on Vimeo.

For more information or to join the student attendance focus group, contact Lewis Whitfied at or Becky Rollins at

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